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Shelby 2. This is a lightly used Shelby Performance 2. It was lightly used by us. We purchased it new. We have found this gasket to be It just keeps getting better! When Dart Machinery first came out with Page 1 of 5.

Go to Page:. Superchargers listings near Chicago, IL 10 listings. Superchargers listings near Houston, TX 3 listings. Superchargers listings near Philadelphia, PA 6 listings. Superchargers listings near Phoenix, AZ 1 listings. Superchargers listings near San Antonio, TX 1 listings.When it comes to supercharging your motor, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Some are looking for that top-end rush of a centrifugal supercharger, but traditionalists want more immediate gratification. For these guys, the only choice is the symmetrical look and instant boost offered by a positive displacement supercharger all nestled down in the valley of a V8 where god and nature intended it.

Such a blower would be ill suited meaning too big for a stock or mild crate motor application, but fear not, as Weiand offers their Pro Street supercharger for those looking to think small.

When choosing a supercharger for any application, it is important to be specific about the intended purpose or application. Just as the choice of heads, cam, and intake will be dictated by the intended application, so too is a supercharger. Taking an example to the extreme, the blower choice for an 8,hp, Top Fuel motor would be decidedly different than a hp, daily-driven small block. Recognizing this, Weiand offers a variety of different roots-style superchargers to meet most any performance need.

Milder applications like stock crate motors might do well with the little series, while more dedicated builds can step up to the massive For this test, we were most interested in the smaller, low-profile street blowers, but wanted something that had the potential to grow with our future needs.

In the end, we selected the Pro Street supercharger. Heck, even the name sounded old-school cool! We liked several things about the Pro Street supercharger besides the nameincluding the ease of installation, ability to easily increase the power output, and capacity to grow with our future power needs.

Increasing the power output of any supercharged combination is a simple matter of increasing the boost. The increase comes from nothing more complicated than a pulley swap — what could be easier? As always, there are limitations to the available rotor speed and attending boost supplied by any blower, especially the roots style.

It is worth noting here that roots blowers are much more efficient at lower boost pressures. This is compounded by the lack of what we call secondary intercooling. What the heck is secondary intercooling, you ask? Intercoolers use air or water to help lower the increase in inlet air temp inherent in boost production. The carburetor mounted on top of the blower acts as a primary intercooler, as the fuel flow through the supercharger significantly drops air temps as much as degrees or more on high-boost applications.

There is, however, no other form of intercooling employed downstream of the supercharger to further lower air temps. Recognizing the limitations, we kept boost pressures to a reasonable level during testing, but that took nothing away from the ease of installation. If you can successfully swap an intake manifold, you can install this Weiand supercharger.You have to admit that there's nothing cooler than a blown street engine. These street blower kits include intake, drive pulleys and belt, new supercharger, 2 four barrel carb adaptors and all hardware needed to install the kit.

Available in plain or polished. Help is just a click away!

weiand 177

Products to Compare max of 3 X. Add to Cart. Select your vehicle to verify fitment. Select a vehicle to verify fitment. Select Vehicle. Part Add to Buildlist. Click to Login. GTIN Code:. Select Finish to see. Info You have to admit that there's nothing cooler than a blown street engine. Important Messages: This product is discontinued. Related Products. Gasser Style Competition Air Scoops. More Like This. View All Superchargers. Fuel System - Sprint Car Build. Check out episode 9 of our Sprint Car Build series!

Today, the guys are having some fun with the fuel system. We take a look at some parts going into a Chevy Truck project. Speedway Motors employee Pat O.

Troubleshooting a Fuel Gauge. Troubleshooting a fuel gauge can be a seriously aggravating issue.

weiand 177

Click here for a video showing some hints and tips! Koul Tools make it easy to install a braided rubber hose into the AN fitting socket.

Tim talks about Edmunds air cleaners and the history of Edmunds. Check out our new products we have on display at the 50th anniversary NSRA Street Rod Nationals and some new products from some of our favorite vendors.

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You May Also Like.We Bolt on a Weiand Blower and Make hp Lots of horsepower for little money can make you happy, but it's not always easy to find. In the case of our ever dependable Scoggin-Dickey supplied Goodwrench Questwe had come upon an impasse. In order to make more power and still retain all of its great street manners, we could either pump the full of nitrous oxide and refill bottles every week or bolt on a blower and see how much power we could pump out of it.

While nitrous may be the current rage at the track, a blower offers several advantages on the street over chemically induced horsepower.

For starters, the biggest advantage a blower offers is power on demand. You hail the throttle and the tires light up. That's it.

weiand 177

No bottles to fill, no valves to open, or buttons to push, just hammer it and smile. We wanted that kind of performance for our Mouse, so we contacted the folks at Holley Performance Products and they recommended a Weiand ci Pro-Street supercharger. Weiand has been in the blower business for decades, and its little Pro-Street huffer can bring out the best in any street V The blower's small displacement means that it must be driven at almost twice the engine rpm to make boost, but since it was designed to operate at these speeds, it will be boosting reliably for a lifetime.

But before he could do that, we decided to make a few changes. First, to make a blower work really well on the street and produce all the power it's capable of, it should be combined with a blower-compatible cam. Not all cams work well with blowers, but you can make the most power and always run at peak performance once you've installed the proper grind.

Typically, blower cams are listed in all the major cam grinders' catalogs and picking the correct one is as simple as calling the companies on the phone. We contacted Comp Cams for a blower cam for the Goodwrench Questwhich featured identical duration figures, but slightly less lift than the XEH cam we ran in the normally aspirated engine. Comp CAms spread the lobe centers apart by grinding the cam with a degree lobe separation angle, and Taylor installed it straight-up.

After bolting on the TFS aluminum heads for the " Goodwrench Quest Part VI " article, the small-block calculated a compression, which was perfect for a street blower making under 6-psi boost. Considering that the TFS heads are made from aluminum and feature an efficient combustion-chamber shape, we probably could have safely increased compression to 9.

For the minor increase in power it may have netted us, we determined that was something we didn't want to do. Everything else in this engine was compatible with the blower, so it was time to visit the dyno. You bolt on a carb that's big enough to ensure the blower will get all the air it needs to make boost, jet it a little rich to be safe, decrease the total ignition timing a bit to stave off detonation, and then lean on it hard.

That's exactly what Duttweiler did, and the Goodwrench Quest running on octane pump gas reported back sharply with hp. Even more fun was the huge increase in low-end torque we found over its normally aspirated configuration. The dyno began recording data at 2, rpm, and the normally aspirated engine made a respectable lb-ft of torque down there. With the blower bolted on, torque at 2, rpm jumped to more than lb-ft, almost eclipsing the mark.

It gained more than 50 lb-ft of torque at a rpm where most of us are just cruising down the highway. Peak torque also responded well, increasing by 29 lb-ft, making lb-ft at 4, rpm. But it's the low-end that drives you around, and this Mouse's tremendous low-end is what you'll feel in your rear!

Interestingly enough, after making several jet changes to the Holley cfm double-pumper carb, Taylor found that the blown Mouse made its best power using the same jets as it did normally aspirated.

While it's unusual for a blown engine not to need more fuel, this could be a case of the carburetor working more efficiently once the blower was installed.

It might not have been pulling all the fuel and air it could through its normally aspirated venturis, and the higher venturi velocities created by the blower kept the engine running at peak efficiency. The dyno's BSFC brake-specific fuel consumption numbers hovered around the mid- to upper-4s, showing that our blown Mouse was fairly efficient in converting fuel into horsepower.

For the first octane pull, Taylor and Duttweiler called upon their years of turbo experience and set the total ignition timing at a conservative degrees advance. The engine responded sluggishly and the exhaust temps were high, both signs that the engine wanted more spark advance. Taylor bumped the timing to 32 degrees, and the small-block came alive.

Peak power was generated using 32 degrees of total advance. It's important to understand that while this number may have worked well on the dyno, it could be a bit high for the average street car. Your car may load the engine differently than a dyno, and our test day was relatively cool.Display Options.

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Weiand's Pro Street supercharger kits are engineered to give you a percent gain in power - while maintaining outstanding streetability. In addition, low-profile designs are also available to provide added hood clearance in tight engine compartments.

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The latest CNC machining techniques and the most stringent quality control standards are used to maintain the tightest tolerances for smooth operation and maximum reliability. Each unit is percent boost tested to help you squeeze the maximum power and efficiency out of your Weiand supercharger. What is this? Loading Today Estimated International Date Loading Today. Loading Tomorrow Estimated International Date Low Price Guarantee. We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product proof of advertised price required!

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Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Thermostat housing help needed. The problem is that the thermostat housing is the highest point of the water flow. The previous BBC did not have a blower. The thermostat housing is a big block no pun intended that incorporates a filler cap and a way to bleed off air from the water.

You can see this housing just in front of the carb in this pic: We are looking to incorporate this housing with the new motor that has a Weiand blower. Here is a close-up of the current water neck. You can see it's a tight spot.

Weiand 177 Height

I called Weiand myself and explained the scenario. To make a long story short, the tech said that they did not have an alternate mount. His advice was to cut the upper radiator hose and put a filler cap housing there.

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Like this: This would take care of filling the water, which is one of our problems due to the radiator filler cap being under a fender in the Willy's. But how do we incorporate the air bleeding effect that the housing offers that I referenced in the first picture? Weiand's website has a few mounts that are promising, but none look to push this housing out far enough to miss the blower.

Plus the tech said they have nothing that suits our needs.Discussion in ' Engine Topic ' started by rising68Sep 14, Sep 14, 1. Messages: 7 Likes Received: 0. Sep 14, 2. Messages: 12, Likes Received: Sounds like you went straight to the smallest pulley they make for the blower. That could be a big increase in boost- keep an eye on yoru boost gague the first time you install that pulley. You'll be shooting for about PSI of boost with 8.

And watch your spark advance curve- you don't want to overdo it with the spark advance, either. Holley Blue should be fine unless there's a restriction in the system somewhere clogged filter, pinched line, etc. You don't necessarily need to change jets as you increase boost. It's not anything like a blow-through system, for instance.

What cam you got in it? If you want to be sure you're not running lean, put it on a dyno and have them hook up the wideband. Tuning it on the street is dicey- you really need to be into the throttle for a while before detonation rears it's ugly head. You can get away with quite a bit of advance through the first couple gears, but after that the blower gets hot, the combustion chambers get hot and that's when detonation jumps up and bits you in the butt with these little mini blowers.

And once it does, it's usually too late to pull over and change jets.


By the time you know it's happening it's usually time for a fresh set of pistons. Last edited: Sep 14, Sep 14, 3. Messages: Likes Received: 1. I have a small block blower that was sent to supercharger usa it was stripped and rotors changed. Its on a small block with forged eagle componants h beam rod full roller with rpm heads, demon blowerer carb and the smallest pulley on top.

I have anywhere from 8 to 9 pounds of boost. As long as your compression is not to high under 9 to 1 you will not have any trouble.

I run alot of timing 38 full and a shot and never have had a problem. Sep 14, 4. Thanks for the replys, Im running a small cam its a NX Comp cams recommended it. How much boost could I expect with this cam.

It has a 6 inch crank and a 2. I have the timing set to 32 total when it is in boost it drops to 28 total. My comp ratio is 8. I know a little bit about detonation I broke ring lands on my last motor.

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